Have anyone tried out ArmorPaint on the ipad?

Have anyone tried out ArmorPaint on the Ipad?
It´s said to be experimental at this point, but it seems to be quite a capable app.
It cost around 20usd and is buggy. So download at your own risk. I can´t seem to export my models :S


This is the desktop version but it shows what it is capable off:

I have been able to import from shapr3D, but the oritation is messed up, and it seems like the model is merged into one body? :S I´m not able assign materials to seperate parts of the model.
Anyone know the reason for this? And what is the most optimal workflow and file type for exporting from shapr3d to ArmorPaint?

Apparantly another app called CozyBlanket is also in the works. And it might be usefull for shapr3d models?

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