Help bending my piece

I need help creating a partial arch on a small part

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Only on my second sip of coffee, so I’m still a bit goofy. Sketch planes are you friend.


The part is so simple test so difficult to achieve. Thanks for the help.

Yea def use construction planes. You can copy and drag them pretty easy.

Not your shape but how loft and planes are OP.

Here’s another way to create a body with a bend. Note that the holes and front and rear sides are still vertical after I made the cut. In part 2 I’ll show you how to make the holes normal to the curve.

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Here in part 2 is how I made the holes normal to the curved surface. The same technique can be used to make the front and rear surfaces normal to the arc. Note that this is a close approximation. The true angle is a little more than the 8.236° as the actual hole is lower than the sketch therefore a little further down the arc.

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Thanks everyone

Once a part is bent can I add to a plane ?

Or can I cut ? Sorry if I’m not making sense

You cannot add a plane to a bent face. However you can add one perpendicular to an edge. Once you have a plane it can be moved and rotated where you need it to draw a sketch on. All you really need to do is move your original sketch or body where you need it.

You cannot add a plane to a curved body as @Oregonerd has stated however you can add one indirectly. Here are two examples. The first is a plane perpendicular to a curve at a point on one of the holes, then made parallel by rotating 90°. The second example is by selecting 3 points.