HELP Drawing on an Offset Plane

I am using Sharpr 3D on my iPad Pro 2021.
I can’t figure out how to draw on a newly created offset plane?

I drew 2 circles on Plane 1 (the front plane when you first open the software) each is 20mm in diameter, and they’re spread 75mm apart. See picture below.

Then I created 2 offset construction planes. Add → Construction Plane → (Type: Offset, and choose the flat surface of the circle I just drew) → Next → Drag arrow to push back (or pull forward) to create the Offset Plane.

I can create the Offset plane…but when I want to draw on them, even when plane 1 is hidden, it KEEPS sketching on plane 1, where the starting circles are.

In Fusion 360 - the FIRST STEP in drawing 2D was to select the plane you draw on. This is very frustrating!!

HOW…can I tell the software which plane I want to draw on?


Just double tap with your fingers on the plane.

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Thank You!!!