Help me,this functions is missing?

Hello everyone, how come the new version of Shapr3D’s central control copy and move function is missing! Who knows?

The original function is like this!


You can drag and move the middle point, or use the move/rotate tool from the side menu.

Thank you! After selecting the middle point before, I can directly copy or move, is the new version removing this feature?

I’m a shapr3D subscriber and used to use this feature very conveniently! Now I have to get to the toolbar. :neutral_face:

In short, thank you very much, I just get used to this new feature slowly!

But where is the simple copy function? Now it is not that intuitive as your shapr App stands for…

It’s under the Move/Copy tool. I understand that changes like this can be hard to get used to initially, sometimes we need to make changes in basic workflows to support future developments. I hope you’ll get used to this quickly.

thanks for your answer István

Thanks! Istvan. I understand. I will gradually get used to this usage.