Help removing a notch from a cylinder

I’m trying to remove the highlighted notch from the inner cylinder of my shape, because it isn’t in line with the center of the shape. I have two questions-

  1. How can I remove this notch so I can reapply it? I have been adding it by tracing a rectangle on the plane of the nearest face and then deleting edges so I can drag the inner surface to create the notch.

  2. Once the notch is created is there an easy way to move the notch along the inner radius? Like if I wanted to reposition it at x degrees? Thanks!

Hello - created a short video to answer your questions

  1. Creating a concentric notch: create a concentric, circle with a bigger radius (than the hole), and draw two lines from the center. Define the angle between them, and after selecting the Notch profile, use the arrows to subtract.

  2. Deleting the notch: select all the faces and tap on Delete

  3. Moving the notch: Select all the faces of the notch, and go to Move/Rotate. Move the pivot point to the center and use the rotate arrows to define rotation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks that was amazing, very happy with the level of support here and glad to be a Pro member.