Hi, I’m a furniture maker in south England. I paid years membership now need to learn more about it

How can I make like a “door handle” and save it so I can use it on another projects!?
I tried to import, export… but I don’t understand I’m looking to “save” that’s all

Also is this software give me a real 3D drawing in the end? Like a similar picture of how your wardrobe will be in your bedroom, or this is just to make sketches floating in the air?

How can I make an automatic cutting list after I finished making a new sketch? Or do I need to calculate piece by piece by hand?

Thank you hope don’t sound Grumpy I’m just a frustrated beginner

I’m using an iPad Pro with a pen

Where do you want to save your project?

Yes Shapr3D will give you real 3d model at the end.