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I have problem with my 3d printer , I finish my design and I send it to my email and I get this design in flash memory and I put it to 3d printer , so when I start print the design it’s everything is good but not complet I get only half of design I check everything in 3d printer it’s nothing problem and I make test also the printer is good . And I checked the design it’s good also and I try another design it’s same problem, I know that’s I’m new in 3d design word but I need help ….
Thank you

Is the design multiple parts? Is the design bigger than the printers print size limits?

In your slicer program you should be able to scroll thru each layer to see what it will print. Look there first.

What slicer are you using?

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No everything is fine even I try small design like ring , it’s same problem

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If you export as 3MF There is a problem with the positioning when you open in slicer (tested on cura)
Try moving the model up in the slicer.

Mmm . Do you mean moving up from plate ?
3mf it’s not work with me , i use STL

I didn’t face any trouble when using STL
but just in case
Yes move it up from the plate

Ok I will try . Thank you

Cura imports 3MF to a different position than STL files. For some reason, the same file exported as STL and 3MF will be placed at different places in Cura but I have never seen them misaligned by the Z-axis. It is not a Shapr3D related thing, files exported from Fusion act the same.

@Faisaln can you please upload the Shapr3D design and let us know which is your chosen slicer? As you are working with a resin printer, it is definitely not Cura :smiley:
If you could upload the original file or some screenshots of the model, that would help a lot in finding the possible causes.

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Should be a button to snap the model to the build plate in your slicer.

Further, your slicer should tell you if any part of the model is out of printer area.

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@Oregonerd yes your right . But nothings wrong with size the design is smaller than building plate

Thanks! Can you please open the STL file and compare it to the original model? You can open it natively on Windows and macOS systems with a built-in app, but you can reimport it to Shapr3D also and check if it has all the details.

Please send us the Shapr3D design and the exported file in a support ticket at: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/requests/new if you see any problems in the preview.

If the STL file has no issues, the problem may be around the slicer. In this case, I’d like to ask you to contact the manufacturer or the reseller of the printer, they may be able to help you solve the issue.

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Yes your right
Thank you