Hope shapr3d support apple vision pro

I imagine that I wear vision pro to make things with shapr3d.


vision pro is not available for nowadays ,is it?

I have seen shapr3d works well in vision pro in my vision. :slight_smile:
I hope they have time to develop until vision pro release.

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Vision Pro is a VR-Ipad so why should they not.

Enjoying seeing Istavan’s posts on the progress of Shapr3D on AVP. I would be super glad to be on the beta list if you have something that can use feedback.

Hi Yepher,

Shapr3D on Vision Pro will be available for our Enterprise clients only, and we won’t run a public beta program for it.


What cost it for a one man show?

Set up and run jobs from AVP, all without a computer. I would love to go from Shapr3D to machine setup all on AVP.


Sorry to hear this.

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Kind of rude to paying customers since we all are, but maybe that should be something that’s stated more prominently instead of touting it like it’s going to be generally available.