How can I add a bending command to Shapr3D?

Hi,everybody. I have a problem.How can I add a bending command to Shapr3d for Christmas candy cane like this?emphasized text

You can’t. You can bend or rather extrude the cane shape. But not the revolved stripes… unless someone knows something I don’t. Painting the stripes in another programs could be done

Perhaps the stripes can be flat ribbon spiraled as for a screw?



Here’s a visual simulation. It’s not what it appears to be.

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Like I said earlier, it’s not what it appears to be. I made ample use of the new Split Body tool.

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Thanks!Happy Holidays.

Thanks!Happy Holidays.What I need is the bending function after rotation, not splitting the entity.

I think you are looking for the Sweep tool.

Thank ,Tommyn.
Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays.I need red and white to revolve and sweep tool.


You want a “revolving sweep”. Or you want to bend things. That would be cool but not likely to happen. The complexity of making the action happen is prohibitive I would imagine. Maybe if there was scripting.

I tried sweeping 3 canes close to each other along a 1/2 circle. Then, the using the move tool to rotate their ends to twist them together. They will rotate about 5 or 6 degrees before it generates a error. So that method won’t work. Fun to try though. Twisting 3 straight rods together works but there is distortion.

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Yes,I’m really looking forward to this feature .

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