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Hello all! Just jumped on the shapr train

My question is this. How do I resize this model. All extruded bodies are joined and I’m going to run a test print on it however if the length is too long how exactly do I resize the extruded object without having to re-extrude everything? For example if I want to go from a total length of 120mm to say 100mm? I tried adjusting the sketch length and that does not adjust the body it remains at 120mm.

On this model I ran a 3mm shell so if I simply click on the backside and extrude in the tube does not move and when I hit 4mm the back becomes open ended.

I hope I explained this correctly. Also I can not do a simple shrink on it because I will lose the sizing of the screw holes and the tube. Any help would be great for this newbie to sharp and 3D modeling.


I have come across a similar situation as yours. I do not have an answer for you but I would like to understand exactly what it is you would like to achieve by reducing the length from 120mm to 100mm.
I mean in the area of the protruding hollow cylinder. When you reduce the length to 100mm, do you want the cylinder to be proportionally in the same location? Or, if you remove 20mm from the back, can the cylinder be in the original location (assuming it can stay there after removing 20mm).

Either way, answer this, if you remove 20mm from the back and adjust the wall thickness to remain at 3mm, then the back rectangular, or square, dimension would be a little larger due to the fact that the overall shape is tapered. Is this okay to do?

I can demonstrate what I’m talking about and offer a solution or two based on your need. I hope I made myself clear regarding my questions.

Regards, Mike

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Select all the faces that you want to move then use the transform tool move/rotate in the direction you want



I think Robert and I are on the same page.
Here is one way to reduce the length from 120mm to 100mm using Transform-Move/Rotate.
This demo assumes the cylinder is the same dimension relative to the back. I made the box semi-transparent for visual reference.

Regards, Mike


Both of you guys are amazing! You hit it exactly on the head. I didn’t realize I had to select all the faces and use that move tool. I kept using the extrude tool and moving the sketch dimensions and couldn’t figure it out. Thank you so much for that video it was very nice to physically see what you were doing and made it crystal clear. I knew it had to be something easy like that but I’m totally new to shapr and quite new at 3D design all around so simple things are relatively hard at the present. Thank you both again for your help.

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Actually I came across an issue doing this here you can see in the screen recording …does this have something to do with the fillets or the shell?

I tried to attach my video on here but it said it was too big so I added it to my YouTube channel. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as opposed to what you were doing

Yep, you need to select the fillets on the inside of the box as well. Basically all faces which should not change their shape need to be selected before you do the transform operation.


Sometimes fillets and radii can be a little problematic but not always. Here’s another way to achieve what you desire without selecting everything to move including the fillets. First, move the cylinder 20mm, then select the inner back wall and make the wall thickness 23mm. Then select the outer wall and make the wall thickness back to 3mm. You have now essentially moved the back wall by 20mm.

Another tip. Whenever I do a screen recording on the iPad, I immediately bring it into iMovie and edit out the beginning and end movements which usually do not amount to anything. Also, if there is a long pause somewhere during the demo, I usually do a cut and remove some of that dead time to reduce the length of the video. Finally when finished, I can save the new video in different resolutions- meaning different file sizes.

Regards, Mike

Hi there,

Same issue of being unable to lengthen an object (without increasing height and width) led me to this forum but the video links aren’t working! would you mind reposting? Through all my trial and error my attempts either fail or distort the shape.


hello! Just select the inner and outer faces then move them applying the Move/Rotate tool to maintain wall thickness.

The links of the earlier videos are broken somewhy, let me share a similar solution with a simple body:

Thanks so much for the reply and clip. This is the shape and I think I may have tried that already… IDK I must’ve tried 100 things by now.
I only want to change length and/or width depending on fit needs for each application. But WITHOUT changing the dimensions for height, the taper angle, the dimensions for 4x4 legs, the 4x1.5 feet and the 2” top flange.
Thanks again!!

You can use Split Body, then move the body half the desired distance. Use Replace Face then do a Union.

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