Limited fillet on spline + line

Hi new to shapr here and depending on the amount of edges I select on the vertical section of this grip it changes how much I can fillet, but I’m confused as to why it’s so limited here, max amount shown in pic and I would need to go way further.

I have attempted to do it with the whole body extruded from the sketch and it does not allow me to fillet or chamfer at all. Any help is much appreciated

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You do not need to select all of the edges. In the first tutorial it shows how selecting just two lines of either side of a feature will allow for their complete chamfer. This is shown towards the end of the video, blending lines I believe is the topic. I hope this helps!

Where is the tutorial ?
Frederic Razimbaud

Here is the tutorial :point_down:.

I think you should fillet the edges first and then shell you object.

This is sort of showing the problem, not sure if there are other ways around it, the photo where the fillet is close to as large as I need it require me to have the top and bottom tangent edges selected for it to work but it is the undesired result

Hello! If the neighboring edges have a tangent continuity at the endpoints, it is enough to select one edge element and the whole tangent chain will be filleted.

In this example, if we consider the filleted edge in the first picture of the post a vertical one, filleting the horizontal ones (the shorted, perpendicular edges) will end up in a tangent chain on the vertical edge.

That makes it enough to select only one piece of edge from the group of vertical edges and the full chain will be filleted until tangent continuity is maintained.