How come the white isn’t white ?

Whatever any metal surfaces I chose, there is no white metal in visualisation. Did I do anything wrong?


They are white, however the environment is being reflected on them. When set to white, the metal acts like a perfect mirror.

@Laci_K Hey, what if I need 12 colors and gradients on top of that? Just asking out of curiosity. You know how crazy I am when it comes to colors, gradients and such! :crazy_face:

In that case, Visualization might not be the best tool for the goal at the moment. :slight_smile:

Hey! You’re taking teasing seriously?

I know exactly what visualization is made for, and I love it… but I’m so tired having to render the “end result/product” as the end-user (is there even a “start-user”?) on something else. Meh. Sometimes I’m feeling too inspired and great on the couch. Moving to the workstation kills my creative vibe.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m coming from this:


Unreal Engine 5

](Unreal Engine 5 - Unreal Engine)

Just FYI. This is my go-to rendering engine. Be it small or gigantic an object, I don’t (usually) get what I want from any other software.

Few lines back: you wrote “end-user”, right?
This is what I call hackneyed terminology.
It’s not about you, it’s about what we all do with words. Honestly, Shapr3D is insanely ahead of every other CAD software (huge desktop powerhouses based on 1970’s or 80’s kernels don’t count. They are still used, but long dead).
I remember what your mission statement is. What István proudly says about who you are and what you do as Shapr3D. I share this vision.

Something doesn’t add up. You can’t create brand new software for the 21st century, breaking with 40-some years of old heavy-clunky-county CAD software monopoly… and further develop and refine software like yours with half-a-century-old wording. “End user” should not even exist anymore.

It’s like not knowing “price” from “price tag”. Both are totally different. Ask 1k people what the difference is. You’re in luck if one person can tell. It’s a sad fact.

Time to change terminology and create new, relevant, accurate (4 digits after the comma beg for precise, zero-approximation wording) and clever one as much as CAD software got a massive cleanup with Shapr3D.
Are we truly all happy with our “comfort zone” careless wording used in and out of context, or are we too lazy to question this nonsensical, f’kn status quo? Are we actually… zombies?

Rhetorical questioning. It’s at a nth abstraction degree, so don’t get all heated up, even though I’m “firing up”. I know it’s a friendly forum and all, but rules are meant to be broken, and hypocrisy is not my thing. Either I shut it or say what I think regardless of what anyone may think.

Again, it’s not about you personally, it’s about wording that makes eyes bleed (and ears bleed as well if you hear it). I’m off LinkedIn and such because of that. Also, I gotta mention that I’ve been working a few months in “talent acquisition”. Nothing comes close to this when it’s hackneyed, worn out, cliché, redundant and above all, hype and meaningless we’re dealing with.

It’s not only in the CAD world, I’m afraid. You know, the more you use a word, the less meaning it has, right? Synonyms are there for a reason. Paraphrases too.

Maybe is it only cultural. I’m really serious when it comes to CAD wording and jargon badly needing a good cleanup. If it’s revolution that you want, don’t reuse anything from “the past”. You can. The only question is: do you want it?

Finally, it’s all out of my chest. Take some, leave some, but don’t start thinking that I’m there to stir sh…

The whole world needs a cleanup, and yes, it’s a rant. I’m not always the silent, quiet, behind-the-stages guy. It’s actually the opposite. I’ve spent much more time onstage than offstage, but now that’s truly digressing.

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