How do I add a lever? Move 3D Objects? (Image inside)

I am trying to add a lever, but when I try to sketch on top of the round piece, S3D registers as if I am adding another round piece or extrude another round piece if that’s the correct terminology however, it’s not doing what I need it to do.

What I need is for it to recognize I sketched out a rectangle and now I want to stretch it out so I can create something resembling a handle.

Help - thank you!

How do I move a 3D Model from one part of the plane to another?

I do not see a move button. Instead when I tap on an object and try to move it, I end up stretching out the 3D model, (or extruding the model) which what I am NOT trying to do. I’m trying to move the whole object.

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

Move a Body:
Use Transform > Move / Rotate
Select the Whole of the Body then drag in the appropriate direction with the Arrows.

Create a Lever:
This is just one way to do this.
Tap with a Finger on a suitable face, in this case the end of the Actuation Rod, to present a Grid that will enable Sketching the Lever:

Select ALL of the Lever Face the Pull the Arrow outward. Hit the Small Icon shown after the Dimension. then select New Body or other Options to choice:

To make the Lever more appropriate to use the Edges can be Rounded by selecting ALL appropriate Edges and pulling the Arrow outward. Type in Dimension as required

Select the Lever and use Tools > Color as required. The result is Exported as an Image to give:

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I will try this in a little while. Thank you for the visuals.

I just wanted to get on here and show you appreciation, you have been very helpful. Thank you.


Thank you! All of your suggestions worked.

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Thank you for following up, it is really useful to get such full meaningful feedback, regardless of it being positive OR negative.
It is pleasing to hear about success and hopefully, by experimenting with S3D features the learning curve will quickly be surmounted.