How do I change axis location and faces of an imported stp file

I currently have quite a few models in solidworks. I need to import an stp file to render them and modify the parts. I would like to re orient the part after it is imported. I am using ipad and desktop versions currently. Also curious if the faces import only one way, or can they be changed as well. Currently, the front of the part in shapr after importing is the back of the actual part. I just want to get that corrected so that my drawings are correct. Thank in advance.



Hi @Metalmanokc , why don’t you import the SOLIDWORKS files directly? SLDPRT and SLDASM are both supported. You can also use X_T (Parasolid) format, which is guaranteed to lead to better results than STEP, because SOLIDWORKS and Shapr3D are using the same geometry kernel, Parasolid.

Is the issue by any chance this? Why is default view always backward - #26 by Daveloveland


The transform-function is mighty… Try using that one, that should not cost more than 20-30 seconds per file.
It is a pitty that some CAD-software follows the “machinery-definition”, where the Z-direction is parallel to the driven/tool-axis and others follow the “mathematical definiton” where the Z-direction is heading towards you (X to the right, Y to the top).
SolidWorks is one of the latter.
As there are several machines in the world that do not have the tool-axis upright, I find the mathematical approach the more universal… sorry Shapr! :wink:
Cheers Matt

The files are imported with no problems. I can zoom on the ipad, pan vertically and flip, but I cant get it to spin horizontally. I need to get the item into an isometric type view and just cant get it there, no matter what I do.

Is it possible that you are looking at it from the top when you try to spin horizontally?

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Maybe. It would make sense since my files have the wrong faces. I tried to use the ar function and show a friend how it works and it took my assembly and laid it on its back. We build custom furniture, so a dresser on its back won’t work. LOL. I have an assistant out of the country helping me with my models. He is sending stp files at the moment. Maybe we need to change that.

Can you try to spin from another direction? The camera rotates around the up axis.

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I don’t understad why you made it like this…
When I import a solidworksfile the model I lying with the back to the floor instead of standing up. And it’s the same problem when I import a shapr3d model to Solidworks. I can easily rotate it, but it’s and annoying workflow… is there an easy fix?

It’s the same for all Solidworks files and stp

That’s not unusual, a lot of poly modelling programs do it their own way too. XYZ in one might be ZXY in another.

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