Problem in 3D model orientation after importing from Solidworks

I encountered an issue when importing my 3D model from Solidworks to Shapr3D. The orientation of the 3D model changes completely. For example, the front view of my model becomes the bottom view after opening it in Shapr3D. I tried using the Move/Rotate function, but the model didn’t respond to the function; only the arrow appeared, and I couldn’t do anything with it.

I need help on this.


Welcome to the forum.
I used to import solidworks files on Shapr3D, and had the same orientation mismatch that you have. Both SW do not use the same axis orientation.

But I was always able to rotate the parts.
On your second screen shot, if you click and drag on one of the arrows, the part should rotate. Isn’t it the case for you?

Edit : I added a short video showing an exemple of a sldprt file import and then rotated.



Thanks for your reply. To answer your question, when I click to the arrow that appear (on the second screen shot) the model didn’t move or rotate at all. It just there. I don’t know if I missed something or some step. It’s like the model lock on the orientation.


There is no additional step, you should open a ticket with the support, if you can share the solidworks file with them.


I’ve had the same problem when switching between SW and S3D.

It seems that CAD programs have different standard on the xyz axis.
I think you can change what orientation you want on the xyz axis in Shapr. Up in the right corner. That should solve you problem with bottom viewed as front.

Why you can’t rotate I’m not sure of. Maybe you need to unpack or define the object. Open the folder and try selecting object from there.