iPad - 3.48, 3.49 - Import part and assembly files from SOLIDWORKS

If you use SOLIDWORKS and Shapr3D in tandem, you’re in for an early Christmas present.

You can now import the geometries of parts and assemblies that you designed in SolidWorks directly into Shapr3D. Say goodbye to the clunky process of converting SLDPRT and SLDASM projects into STEP, X_T, and IGES files just to make them Shapr3D-compatible. Just hit Import in the app and select the SLDPRT or SLDASM file (without referenced components) you need.

You can pick up where you left off in SOLIDWORKS easily—the hierarchical structure of the SLDASM file is maintained in Shapr3D.

When you open the Items manager, you’ll see the original tree of assemblies and parts is represented with an organized list of folders and nested items. If your design includes empty parts or assemblies, then those will be displayed as empty folders.

Soon, you’ll be able to import SLDASM files with referenced components, too, so stay tuned.


Any chance there will be the same import ability for solid edge?

We don’t have it planned currently, but using the Parasolid (.x_t) file format you can get seamless results.

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(I am a free user, currently)

I was wondering how does this feature work when sending the model back to solidworks in the following scenarios (i.e. will solidworks recognise the modifications and retain the feature tree or become a “solid block”, like when importing a step file)?

  1. Modifying current features (e.g. increasing/decreasing an extruded sketch)
  2. Adding entirely new features (e.g. cuts, lofts, fillets etc)


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Hi @EPoropat, welcome to the forum!

The design history is not preserved. Unfortunately between two CAD systems that level of compatibility is basically impossible.

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Hi everyone, another update!

We refined our import process for SLDASM files for app version 3.52, so you can finally import assemblies with external references—as long as they’re not mesh files. We’ll get that sorted out soon.


When opening .sldasm files with multiple component parts, I am asked to locate the parts via browsing to their location. However, the parts are already in the same location as the .sldasm; can the code first look for the dependent parts in the assembly in the referenced directory before asking the user to locate? Obviously this won’t work for an assembly of parts from multiple directories, but an easy parsing of the assembly directory seems reasonable. Possibly I am doing it wrong.

Hi, how come i need a business license to import solid work files? I bought a years subscription to finely learn cad and I like the easy setup working on my iPad pro and the good tutorials, what I don’t get is why file import and export is limited? I hade a friend of mine do some practice files for me that I can’t open, sure he can export them as step files but why? I get the production 2D drawings sins I am a long way from production and if I ever get that far I wouldn’t mind upgrade to business but import/export should be open for all paying customers. Also what’s a PRO user? I am an Ipad PRO user does that count? :smiley: