Importing complete drawings from solid works rotating axis

When i import drawings that have been done in solid works as a step file the axis is in the direction of the tool head. So top does not match top in shaper 3D
Some of the drawings i have been able to rotate within Shapr3D but others are quite complex and i get an error message saying that it wont work
Is there anyway to simply re position the axis,s rather than rotating the drawing
I’m trying to produce some tecnical drawings with measurements but the orientations dont work and i cant orientate the plan drawings within the 2 d drawing file either

Help appreciated as always

Import the Solidworks file instead of the step file.

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Can you provide more details about the specific error message you are receiving when trying to rotate complex drawings in Shapr3D? In the meantime, you can try using the Move/Rotate tool to change the orientation of the imported geometry. This tool allows you to move and rotate bodies by dragging them or using numerical input. It may be helpful in adjusting the orientation of your imported drawings.

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Hi istvan thank you as always for your replies. My modle is now just touching 300mb and i use Shapr3D on an i pad so in truth I’m not surprised that it cant rotate the whole entity over 3000 body’s. So I’ve decided to break it up into smaller bite sizes. But I’m still struggling with the problem of selecting a range of entities in the main drawing and saving them on their own
To give you a better idea i have 5 sizes of products with 46 variations of each small medium large and extra large. I would like to split the whole file into the various file sizes and at the moment i have isolated all the components related to medium but even when I isolate them and export the file it still copies all the hidden modles so tghe file size is not changing
Is there a vidio i can watch to show me how to do this as i would like to save all small medium large and extra large components to their own respective Shapr3D drawing Hopefuly this will also help in reducing crashing which is happening more frequently on this huge file.

Hey @Jayemery, what file format did you choose for exporting? Exporting as a Shapr3D design will transfer every modeling detail, please use X_T instead. It is the default Parasolid format which does not have to be converted and will only export the shown items.

Regarding the selection, can you please tell us how do you select the parts? It can happen that area selection misses some faces or edges, please select the items from the Items List before rotating them.

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Hi k peter i use x-t all the time when copying individual parts of a more complex design. But when selecting the parts i have always used the pen to frame and highlight the selections. As the naming protocol gets confusing when multiple of the same drawing gets copied so would not be able to select those as you have sugested
Being able to lock a group of items would make this a lot easier
Thanks for input as always