How do you make an impeller for a turbo pump

I’m designing a turbopump, I’m running into trouble with the impeller. I need it to look like this. I just can’t figure out how to make the “flaps”

I would make it with lofting, but it can be really laborious. You may want to consider just importing this model: :slight_smile: turbo-rotor-nb1.STEP (1.7 MB)

I got it from GrabCAD btw.

All of my work disappeared:/ it showed in the workspace menu that I had a project started. I was separating groups so it wouldn’t lag then it all disappeared

Send me your workspaces to, and I will fix it. We handle your files confidentially. You can save your workspaces using itunes:

This impellor model is a good example of being able to Project lines onto a surface and then use a Polar array to propagate them. not sure if this is available in Shapr3d - but would be useful.

Dana Church

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You can sketch on curved surfaces, that would result in something similar, but indeed that lacks the precision, and projection would be much better indeed.

But array tools and projection are both on the roadmap btw.

here they are

That’s just a thumbnail, I will need the file named “workspace”.

I am new to the app, and loving it, but I haven’t found any array capabilities and this response is like one and a half years old. So is there any actual planned support for maybe even simple polar arrays? I mean like an actual planned release date for these features.

This is a real showstopper for me because I use arrays a lot in my work.

It’s on the roadmap, but we are not sure yet when we can ship it.

Wow I can’t believe there are not a lot of people asking for this…

Are there any workarounds or methodology to copy a feature and distribute them in an arc?
Are there any instructional videos that may show how to do this or something similar?


You can use the transform tool for copying objects in a circular or linear pattern:

I was not familiar with polar arrays, but now that I’ve looked them up, that would be extremely useful (along with other alignment tools). The transform/translate tools available can be powerful, but they still feel limited

I tried the transform tool and I could only copy in linear form, not circular. Besides, it cannot position with precision, so it’s mostly for quick drafting.
I did find a way to distribute sketch objects in a radial form with specific angles (using support lines and later erasing them). So I was able to emulate a polar array but only in sketch mode because once objects get 3D they are very hard to position with precision (at least for my case).
If I would like to contribute a video on this is that possible?

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Here is an intro video that shows you how to copy in a circular pattern:

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That’s pretty cool and exactly what I was looking for. And actually good workaround for polar array.

You can watch a lot of basic introductory videos like this in the app, in the “Learn” section. Highly recommended, we put a lot of work into the videos :slight_smile:

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