How to break up/design this model in parts?

Ok, I’ve settings on a design. Now, in order for me to print this, I need to break this design up into components.

I’ve been trying to simply re-create each section, use weirdly angled construction plans and axis to try and get measurements sorted. I’m fairly certain I should be able to print this in 7 sections (top and 6 identical sides) but I’m having a challenge in re-creating the sides and then angling off the joining parts.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Try adding a construction plane with the type: Offset as Perpendicular to Edge at Point.
Then tweak the center of the plane so you can rotate it 90°. After that use the Split Body tool liberally.

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Is this the sort of thing you’re looking for…?

(If so then I’ll be happy to make a video to illustrate my workflow)

I designed it so all edges meet at identical angles.

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That is EXACTLY what I need to do! Shapr’s YouTube channel is cluttered with all kinds of fancy examples when I just need some ‘basic’ stuff like this.

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I can’t upload a full length video but I’ll go ahead and upload a series of ‘steps’ for you to follow. Just give me a few minutes…

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Might just be easier to put it on Youtube or in Google Drive(or any other online storage) and share that link?

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I didn’t know one could create a construction plane by selecting two faces. Good to know!
Thanks for sharing.

  1. Create Hexagon

  1. Create Rectangular Side Wall

  1. Align to Edge and Rotate

  1. Trim Bottom of Side Wall

  1. trim Top of Side Wall

  1. Create Lines ready for Construction Planes

7.Create Construction Planes

  1. Split Body

  1. Create Holes

  1. Duplicate Sides

11.Subtract Sides from Top

  1. Result

I’m sure there are other viable ways to get the same result but this made sense to me and allowed me to create the top while creating the sides.

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I’m not currently using my YouTube channel and my Cloud storage is full :flushed:

Instead, I created 12 short step by step videos.

Hope this is ok :smile:

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I use this occasionally. It’s a great tool!

Here is a combination of what @Chayanne and @welshsteve demonstrated.


Another great solution. I like the way you used the plane to split body between the top and side. That’s probably a little more efficient than the way I did it :ok_hand:

You guys are awesome! I love all the ideas. The only thing that @TigerMike missed was the opening on the Hexagon on top. Although I’m sure that as simple as splitting the ‘piece of pie’ before rotating it around.

Thank you guys again! Now I’ll be able to get this project done!

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Yes. Just click the face, select offset edge and offset the distance you require then extrude through to make a hole :ok_hand:

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Here you go! :smiley:

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Yep, just like that! :rofl: