How to clean up topology

Hey everyone,
I’m having some trouble with my meshes, a lot of the time with tend to get very messy and then filleting becomes super hard. I try to use the delete function on faces but sometimes I’m not able to clean things up and have to rebuild them.

Any tutorials on how to build in a clean fashion?. Or how to correct mesh issues when they happen?.

I get this all the time if I have a mesh and cut it in half > mirror > union together again. The joining areas usually can not be filleted even when they should be fully snapped together and welded.

I come from poly modeling so I’m so used to going in and stripping out what I don’t like and correcting it. Is that possible using shapr?

Can we select edges and remove those like in other 3d packages?, or weld edges together to clean stuff up?

Hi Max,

Why do you want to remove those faces?

Hey @Istvan, so here is an example to explain abit more. Because of the odd lines above I’m not able to fillet as I’d like. The closer my details get to these lines the fillet will fail. If I could clean up the topology abit then filleting wouldn’t be an issue as it wouldn’t intersect and prevent the operation.

A lot of 3D packages have tools to let you delete and reconstruct sections. Say I like the shape but I want to delete part of the curve out and redo it. I haven’t found ways to do that

In the image above the fillets on the right worked fine. But as we go left I can’t fillet as much, the one I have selected won’t let me fillet more than the amount in the image, and the one after it won’t fillet at all. So I’m wanting to fix the geo to allow that.

I have found sometimes however I can work around the issue by doing a fillet just before it fails and then deselect everything and try to pull a face to offset, then sometimes I can force it to chamfer/fillet further. So it by

passes the chamfer abit more