How to connect two segments?

Total beginner here. Tried to connect a second line to a first one but wasn‘t succesful. What‘s the reason here? See this screen recording:

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The problem is that regardless of the grid/snap settings the start point of the second line always lies around the end point of the first line – but it‘s not possible to make them the same (one) single point. :frowning:

Mh, strange. It‘s a Dropbox link. Discourse seems to have a problem when it immediately embeds this link as a playable video …
Here‘s the link again (hopefully not transformed by Discourse into an embedded player).

Very strange. Can you please send the workspace in .shapr format to Also, can you try starting the line from the other direction? Probably turning off the grid snapping would help as well.

Oh, I see in the end your try turning off grid snapping. Then please send the workspace to support, it would be incredibly helpful.

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THAT‘S IT! You‘re totall right! See the screenshot:


But how could this happen?! How could the grid eben be above the xy plane? Or the xy plane below the grid? And how can I fix it so that I have the grid again at z=0?

I killed the app, launched it again. Still, the grid wasn‘t in the xy plane (at z=0).
I then tapped on the „Reset View & Grid“ button and explicitly selected the „X Y plane“ again.
Now everything‘s back to normal again! :smiley:

(So it‘s not necessary to send the workspace to the support, I guess, @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D?! :wink:)

Thanks a lot for the ultra quick replies, @roboticshobbyist & @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D! Very much appreciated! :+1: