Questions From the New Guy

First of all I would like to thank Victor responding and Peter from tech support for all the help. I am new to Shapr3d and expediting my way through the learning curve to be functional at work in a few weeks. I have a lot of questions as follows, any help is appreciated: *Note- questions are numbered by subject.

  1. Are the login and platform for the this forum we are in now and the other features of the application separate? I had a login issue that we worked through the last few days where I could not login to the design feature of the application, but when I clicked over to the forums feature it showed me as being logged in.?

  2. Does Shaper3d provide phone support to trouble shoot in real time for individual professionals or teams? Specifically in the cases of real time shutdowns or tie ins in various sectors of heavy industry, and training new-hire personnel?

  3. If I construct a model or 3d drawing with shapr, then email it to an associate at a plant that uses Revit, navisworks, or bluebeam,……will my files be useable and interface correctly with the model that is in play at that location?

  4. I have downloaded the app for shapr on my mac, ipad and intend to on my pc as well………will I be able to have all three applications on all three devices sync together or will I need to treat them as separate children? Will I have to log out of one to use the other?

  5. If I save files on my mac in APFS or Extended Journaled, would I be able to air drop, or email it to myself on my Ipad and work in it, “ cloud ,” a dimension and send it back to my mac and not have issues between the two operating systems? Will the files translate without error between MacOS, IOS and MSDOSFat or Fat 32 and NTSF Microsoft Windows if I am using my PC or laptop?

  6. On my external backup, can I format as APFS or EXT Journaled, should I format as MSDOSFAT/FAT32 or partition it for Apple Filing System on one side and MSDOS/NTFS on the other and keep everything segregated? If I need to put files on a usb drive, mini-disk, or compact disk from mac to mac, mac to ipad, mac to pc, or ipad to pc or the invers……what the correct format? Typically the common mantra is to use MSDOSFAT for large files between MS and Apple; does this practice carry over? If I need to scribe data onto or extract from a compact disk or DVD How Sould they be formatted as well?

  7. Filing and Document Management Questions: Typically as with blue beam and others, when the model is updated you can choose to have some or all of the information carry over to a file system where one can retrieve pdfs and other various forms of needed information like certification paperwork, material test reports, safety data sheets even JSAs as they are input by clerical personnel. Does shapr have a file management application available like a drop box that can be administered and connected to a model that I construct so if I were to click on a random item like a pump or pipeline, It would provide the links and pathways to get to that information like a test report with wall thicknesses for verification purposes? Note*- With Shapr being an open model versus the parametric arena I would still require being able to keep the documentation up to date and current until my projects are complete. At the end of my projects, all my client has is: an external drive, a set of physical binders with a printed copy, then another set with the original copy signed in ink stapled to a printed copy for a “Job Book.” If information cannot be found in their or is inaccurate then it is unacceptable. Subsequently, If their is not a file system available for this I will need to figure out a way to create one. After all.every large client in every sector of industry my orbit for over two decades has one, some examples who I am NOT CURRENTlY employed with but have been in my orbit are BP, Conocophillips, and Phillips 66. When working among these type of entities one will not unfettered access to their model or files but will be required to document various operations and submit it. I have found the most accurate way is to make my own and k eep it updated like a mockup to prevent errors. How could I contact someone from shapr about using or creating a file management system as I am currently running mock-ups? My first attempt will be a 4 unit pump station I commissioned 8 years ago. If successful, the next time i do work for this client, I should be able to run parts of my model against theirs and check for differences.

That is all for now and will be for some time. I apologize for the length but these are the hold points where everybody fails. Even If I have to set up drop boxes, shortcuts and use automator to make my own file system it would be worth it to be able to pull out my iPad pro, update a current drawing with a dimension, approve it for construction, forward to appropriate boxes and field contractor Forman, and eliminate an RFI that would otherwise damage a workflow.

To all of you Shapr personnel, I have invested a substantial amount of time and money in this venture and if you can help answer these questions, then I can succeed on my next projects. At my station of employment you can measure success by additional work being awarded. Ive been waiting for years to have the flexibility of drawings and information at my fingertips in the field with all the brass observing the work being done in real time. Relying on second hand accounts in meetings, board rooms and report’s, is like trying to read a book and recite it from memory later that day in front of an audience. It’s exponentially more effective to correct errors as they are discovered int real time with all parties present. Because I worked my way up from the field, I have have the skill set to literally change my workforce for the good, and have spent over two decades watching these unmanaged paradoxes of communication go unfulfilled. I always succeeded with or without additional help. This application will work, the talent is obvious to me, the communication is where it is missed. Please help me get ready to take on the future and Shapr3D can take the place of AutoCad, its time for a new ride anyway.

God Bless