How to create such a body

I’m trying to create a body like the one selected, but have no idea,
I have tried with loft surfaces but you can’t loft on nonplanar splines
I created an entire airplane but complex surfaces like fillets between fuselage and wing or horizontal stabilizer is almost impossible.


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It’s a simple fillet between the two faces. If you delete the face, then select the edge, and add a fillet to the new edge, you will get the same.

I don’t understand what are you meaning

It’s just two faces and a fillet at the intersection of the two faces:

Thank you, but as you see the fillet has a certain shape which I would like to keep … anyway you gave me an ideea…It would be better to have some control points like on loft bodies

Another big problem is dealing with complex objects like this wing.
If I export it as an stl the app quits unexpectedly also if I’m trying to import it as an solid body in the entire airplane project (70-80 mbyte) the app dies also. It can be exported as Iges or solid

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Hi, is it possible to break the wing into two parts?

  • Export one part in X_T format and then re-import it into a new workspace
  • Then try exporting individual parts in STL format
  • Reimport both STL format design parts into the same workspace and merge them using the Union tool

I know this is a rough workaround, please give this a try and let me know if the issue persists.

Nice work and interesting website with aircraft models…



Worked like a charm. I hope you will correct this problem in the future releases. I really want a app like Shapr3D to help me with my projects and be able to be mobile but I still have to combine with other software.

In my opinion you still have to improve some features and tools. I would pay even more for it but when it will be more complete as a CAD software. Right now is good for hobby and small projects and need to be combined with other software.

Thank you.

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We constantly do! If you could tell us what would you like to see improved, that would help us with the prioritization of the improvements.

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For example

  • non uniform scale tool at least for a face or planar shape I mean to be able to scale a planar face of an object
    -improve loft surface with control points that can adjust the surface curves like in solidworks (now the only thing that can be adjusted is the twist)
    -complex bodies maniplulation (it takes a lot of computing time to extrude a simple face of a complex body) in my case the rivet of the wing were hard to do
  • surface modeling not ony solid modeling ( i think this is a hard one)