How to Export on Mac: what version am I running

Hi, I am new to the Mac Version. I have a couple of Newbie Questions…

  1. how do I know if I am running the Mac version or the iPad version. my version is 5.11.0.
    2: on this version When I Export an object in .STL I only get the option to Email a copy or Share a copy. I don’t see a save to Mac file system option. This makes me think I am running the iPad version and not the Mac Version. Or are these version exactly the same?

If you have an iPad and a Mac, you can easily AirDrop your exported STL from the iPad to the Mac.

I just tried to just click on Export only without selecting any other option and that brought up the save to dialog box. For me that is not very intuitive. But I would still like to know going forward my question about if I am on the Mac version. Thank You!
PS. To explain my confusion is this… When I installed the Mac version I selected to keep both versions but when I go to the Mac App launcher I only see one Icon for Shapr3D. Usually if I select “Keep Both” copies while installing an app Mac will show 2 icons in my Application Launcher. So that is the confusion. The only thing I can think of is in installing the new update when the dialog box poped up I might have click on replace and because of this Mac thinks I have the same version thereby not saving a second copy, when I try to reinstall the Mac version. And the confusion in Export to Share a copy option, which is what I would expect for the iPad version. I know that explanation sound confusing. as I said I am new to Mac in general. I have been using an iPad for the past several years.

Hi, I am running on a M1 Max Mac. That can run both iPad and Mac software. So I am currently running 1 of the 2 versions on my Mac. I just wondered which one?


If you have the title bar when in a modelspace, you are definitely running the mac version.

For exporting to the macos file system, press the export button on the bottom right corner of the dialogue.