How to loft around a path

I want to be able to create a curved tooth similar to a tiger tooth.
In fusion 360 I would create a loft and follow a path.
Is there anyway I can recreate that effect please.



Hi @slugbut Wellcome to the Forum.

Use Sketch > Line/Arc to create an Arc, alternatively use Sketch > Spline.

In the following Add > Construction Plane > choose Option - Perpendicular to a Curve.
Tap on the Curve [Arc in this case] at this stage the Construction Plane can be dragged along the Curve.
When there are sufficient Construction Planes choose one at the end of the Arc and Tap on it with a Finger.
This will move the Construction Plane and display a Grid ready to accept a Sketch.
In this case Circles were used.
Hiding Construction Planes and their Sketches, will improve access to the Plane Sketch in progress.
Sizing the circles appropriately can provide the shape required.
Tools > Color was used to make the ‘tooth’ transparent to show the construction:

Set up your Design Scale appropriately [I quickly drew this without paying attention to Scale]

This may offer some more help:

Shout if you need more help.

Happy S3Ding.

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That was awesome thanks, works perfectly.
I imported an actual image of a tooth, drew a spline to fit the curve and added 10 planes to fit!

Thanks again

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Really pleasing to hear that you have successfully created a Tooth from detailed input. Assuming that Circles were not used, it would be very interesting to learn about the Tooth Profiles placed on the Planes.
It would be really great to see a ScreenShot of the finished Tooth.

Keep up the good work

Yes, always pleasing when someone figures these issue out. Glad you got to the “root” of the matter…:rofl:

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