How to make folds like this?

I’ve tried various ways but haven’t been able to produce anything like this, any suggestions?

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Try using sweep command.

Bending or folding cannot be done at this time.
Does this look close to what you want?

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Best approach I could come with

Funny puzzle :slight_smile:

One solution can be made by intersecting two revolves at the bend, then you can add a triangular extrusion.

Add a construction line after the rectangular extrusion is cut, then revolve and adjust the distance of it until it is tangential to the rectangle (the exact number can be calculated with trigonometry):

Make it to the opposite direction, too, and intersect them:

Now, only a triangle is missing with 45-degree angles.

Unfortunately at the connection of revolve and the rectangle, the edges are not precisely smooth, but they can be blended.


Thank you so much, finally Shapr3D became my main app to create 3D icons