Any idea how to create this?

The picture speaks for itself. Everything is made from a disk that is 1/8” thick and 60” diam.

I could make half of it with a revolve, but the 2nd half seems very complicated (unless you just wanted just a flat design). May I ask what this is for?

It can be done. Here’s a ‘quick and dirty’ approximation.


A little touch up. Thought I’d give the bottom a little more of a spherical cut.

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Well done Mike!

I was thinking of something different for the front, but your were faster. :grinning:
Create two planes at 30° and project two sectors on them.
Then, copy-rotate to create 6 faces. You have to recreate the line at the intersection of the sketches.

Then, copy with 0.2mm vertical offset the 6 sketches and loft each face two per two, in order to get correct intersection of the folding.

And rotate to get the right angle.

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Thanks @PEC . Like I said, mine is really Q&D. Your approach is the way to go. It is definitely more accurate for the angled pieces. I merely eyeballed the cuts.


Thanks to you @TigerMike :hugs:.
In fact, I realise that there is a much simpler way to do the folding, exactly the way is was actually built: make it flat and bend the sheet around each axis.

Copy rotate around the center

and rotate around each axis.


Nicely done. It looks like your bend method replicates how the original part was made, which to me looks like a sheet metal die cut and bend.

Thank you for all your answers guys.

Maybe a stupid question but how do you round on the inside like that? I can round out by choosing both edges and chamfer but can’t do the opposite.

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There is no stupid question :smile:.
I simply created a cylinder that is overlapping with the plate and subtract it from the plate.
Select the small shape between the 2 vertical lines and revolve around the axis.
You may have to make the cylinder a little bit longer than the plate in order to have clean subtract.

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So sorry to bother but could you make a quick video, I struggle I don’t know why. Showing also the rotation of the different panel.

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I can’t today, no access to my computer, but maybe Mike would? His videos are super clear😀

here are the videos. I had to split them so each one is less than 10MB.
You will see there are actually 3 different metal sheet to build : one with only rounded edge on the right, for the left side of the sheet, one with only the rounded extrusion on the left, for the right side of the sheet, and one with both rounded edge and extrusion, duplicated to create the 4 metal sheet in the middle. This to have nice edges at the extremities of the metal sheet.


I would have helped out but I was out most of the day. Saw your video(s). They say it all.
Also, nice use of the Construction Axis. That is one tool I rarely use.