How to make Loft tangent to adj faces in Beta?

First, it is quite surprising to me that i can select a curved solid face as a section of Loft! As i remember, Solidworks allows us to pick a planar sketch/ planar face only for a Loft.

Second, parametric modeling works quite well in Beta. When i can move the cutting sketch, the following commands/features can be updated automatically.

But how can i make the loft tangent to adjacent faces? Now, i dont know how but make a fillet.

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Project a sketch or face onto the cylinder then use Loft.


Here’s a little something else.


Thanks for your input, TigerMike. Besides from this question, i cannot edit Loft “after build”. I cannot find which sketches were chosen to build it, or cannot replace them by other curves, or add additional guide curves.

@dicksonsham in the current build you can drive the lofted body by changing the sketches you used for the build. Reordering the profiles and adding new profiles and/or guide curves is on our backlog, not yet available in the beta.

Thank you very much! In latest version, loft function becomes complete! G1 & G2 controls are added! Profile/Guide can be re-define after build!

Profile can be a sketch /curved face. G1/G2 added with magnitude value. Very impressive!