Loft tool behavior

Hi Shapr Team. Thanks for the last updates in the past. Make fun again to use the beta. With the last update you released my awaiting loft update to generate a tangent beginning and ending. I usually uses a similar sketching plane to force the loft in my design to be tangent. My goal was to avoid this step to get a better workflow because the loft doesnt work sometimes with my method. In this test i used only three faces to let it simple. I tried every configuration and in one case it worked on only one face with G1. G2 doesnt work at all. Even if i only used G2 fillets on my hole design. I also dont know how the tangent magnitude work or what this mean. Could you please explain that? If i changed the number the loft failed. Is this normal or is this adaption not working at the moment? In the end the tool dont work in the way i need or i expected. Is my design or method fault? And a other thing i need help, if i mirror sketches to recreate the loft to recieve control to asymetric adaption dont work. I checked all sketches and the have the same intersection with the body. Why it failed?
Best regards