How to model a pair of handlebars?

Is there a way to use the sketch and sweep tools (or another approach) in 3d space to create a pair of handlebars like you would see on a road bike. Drop handlebars for example. I’m having trouble figuring out how to transition a sweep or sketch from one plane to another. Thanks for any advice.

You simply need to create one side and mirror the other. Try this: Draw a circle. Use the “move tool” to move and make copies of the circle using the (+). Move and rotate the circles in a half hazard arc. Then use the loft tool to loft from circle to circle.

Also try this: draw a flat line with 2 lines and 2 arcs kinda like a handlebar. Using the move tool, move the anchor point to where the lines connect and rotate to make the flat line twist into 3d space.



Thank you. That is completely understandable. I’ll give it a try. Much appreciated!