How to remove edges from extruded sketch on the surface of a body

I started with an imported DXF file from illustrator and did all my extrusions based off that but now the surface of the hexagons has the circles from the bottom elements. This would be a minor inconvenience if it weren’t for the fact these extra faces throw off the wood grain added in the visualization tab. Is there a way to remove/delete those lines?

in the future I might have to extrude the top surface elements and then align the sketch with the bottom from which I will extrude the circular elements so they aren’t being bulled from the same location on the Z plane.

Pics for model reference :+1:


If they don’t need to be separate parts, I would simply union them wit the top body, so these edges disappear.

Alternatively, you can also manually adjust the material’s orientation in Visualization, so even if the automatically calculated one isn’t working for this case, you can get it right.

I hope it helps.

At this point in the process I need to keep them separate, but once I finalize a couple details the union should be a good fix for it! thanks for the advice.

As far as turning off auto calc for the texture, I tried doing that earlier, but I think the amount of faces was throwing it off because even though I had all the bodies selected, a few of them were not changing when I manually adjusted the orientation of the wood grain using the sliders.

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