Need Help Reactivating Pro Version

Hi, Hopefully someone can help. I’ve been a Pro subscriber since the beginning To show my support and remain paid up but can’t get an answer from Shapr3d on how to get the Pro version loaded and identify it as such.

First one of the updates bumped me back to the free version (no colour. Now they tell me I’m on the trial version that will end soon. I lost virtually all of my files in the process so I guess they are gone.

I’d like to renew because I bought an iPad Pro to use the app so have a considerable investment. I tried several times to get it sorted out. It feels like maybe they don’t want me now because my subscription price is lower.

Can anyone tell me for sure how to get the right version and how to identify it as the subscribed Pro version.

Thanks kindly,


If you changed iPads, only one can be running Shapr3D at a time. When I go between my home and shop, I sometimes use a different iPad. When I do, I must ensure the other iPad is off, i.e.: not running S3D, but then I need to log into the other iPad. If you click on “Try Pro”, you should see a tiny Log In word near the top 3rd or so. Log In using your original username and password. That, in theory, should get you back to Pro. McD

Hi Gerald, it seems like you started using a different Apple Id on the new device.
The subscripotion is tied to the Apple Id and not to your account email address. Please can you confirm that you did not change your Apple Id?

I also reached out to you via email.

I’ve since replied to that Victor. The iPad I was referring to is actually the original one that I bought specifically for use with Shapr3D. Sure hope this can get corrected.

Hi Gerry, I responded to your email and I wil bel looking forward to hearing from you.