How to view at a 100%

How do I view at 100% , I see the measurements at the top right corner that shows the grid sizes. I would like to be able to view actual size. Is there a setting somewhere to enable this function.
Thanks Skip

I do not know how to Display a Design at 100%, i.e., show, say, 100mm actually 100mm dimension when measured on the screen. If this does exist I would also be interested in the Use Case for such a feature? How would you use the ability to set objects to their actual size on screen?

In the following. The Cube is 100 x 100 x 100mm:

Tap with a Finger on the Face of the Cube and then Select one Edge, at the bottom of the screen observe the Dimension:

Using Two Fingers to Squeeze or Stretch the Line can be made to actual size on the screen, however I strongly recommend against placing a Measuring Instrument on the screen.

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I tried this before, but had to make a paper ruler with the size I wanted. I was looking for an automatic way of double tapping and having the image show the actual size.

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I agree that this would occasionally be useful. I find it crude to measure things on-screen with a plastic ruler. To be fair, other applications have this problem too.



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If I used the project mode and create a 2d sketch, can I print it out to check the size, or create a pdf.
Thanks skip