How we can mouving a singul point in one obgect?

Hi , somebody can move a single point of one object , i am trying to move one pont of cube and i can modeling only one point , its only possible to move a edge !!! WHY ???

Hi Jorvan,

If you are really interested why, here it is:

In solid modeling moving edges and vertices are not standard operations. Actually Shapr3D is very unique in the sense that we support moving edges of solid bodies. It’s something that does not come out of the box with most CAD systems, mostly because the problem itself is quite poorly defined. Defining and calculating the transformation of the underlying surfaces of a shape described by boundary representation is a really hard problem that requires different implementations for many different edge cases, depending on the number of edges of the surface, the underlying surface type (plane, b-spline, etc.), and some other parameters. But Shapr3D can do it quite robustly, and we are quite proud of the implementation!
With this implementation moving vertices does not come for free unfortunately, because although in some cases (for example when you have a simple linear edge) moving a vertex could be fairly well defined, in general cases, like when the edge is a arc of a circle, or when it is a spline, it’s not that easy to figure out what the user wants, and it would mostly lead to unexpected result.

That being said, implementing vertex move wouldn’t even be that useful, because in solid modeling usually there is a way to achieve what you want in a different way, unless there is really a crazy geometry you want to make like that. I am pretty sure that there is a way to achieve what you want with Shapr3D, if you could briefly describe what you want to achieve, I will be happy to help you to find a workaround for the lack of this feature.

I hope this helps.