Vertex control needs major improvement

HI, I’ve been trying your App. It’s great. Although, modeling through orthographic images is not user friendly at all. You need to select a face to move vertex and ghost mode doesn’t allow to see images behind them. So, two things: Vertex control improvement and X-rays with shadows. Hope you can make it happen.


Can you elaborate a bit more on vertex control improvement? What exactly would you like to do?

Hi Istvan, I’m trying to modify a shape which has already been extruded from a sketch. I can get the proportions from one image, for example the front. In order to get the proportions from the side I would need to edit the shape’s vertex. I’m sure you have used other Autodesk software to do this, it’s usually the way to go to model 3D shapes from artwork images.

Using Sharpr3D I notice in Freeform Surface that you are forced to select a face (you shouldn’t). So once we select the face we can move points and the shape gest updated. My suggestion is to first make the model X-ray so we can see the images behind them, secondly, allow us to select not only faces but the complete model as well as vertex and edges. After moving vertex the shape would then update. It’s a suggestion only.

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I see. Unfortunately you can not move vertices in any CAD system, since all of them are based on boundary representation, that does not allow this. What you want is possible in mesh modelers, like SketchUp, or 3DSMax, but not in solid modeling tools like SolidWorks or Shapr :frowning: But this is actually not a problem, it just requires different way of thinking.

Freeform surfacing tool could use a lot of improvements :slight_smile: It is on the roadmap, and it will be vastly improved, hopefully this year.

Btw. if you using the colors functionality, you will be able to set the alpha of the object, that way you will be able to see the images behind them.

Oh, that is indeed unfortunate. I’m sure it requieres a different approach yet I believe is a lot slower and effective in my opinion.

Good to know it’s on the roadmap to improve Freeform surfacing. The App comes really handy as a portable solution. I’m afraid it’s tailor too much toward industrial design and not much for general modeling but thats ok.

So there is an Alpha settling? at a price I see. Cool, thank you :+1:t3:

Mesh modeling and solid modeling are not comparable. While mesh modeling is great to create quickly complex and visally attractive models, it is very innacurate. This is why it is mostly used in 3D grapchics.

Solid modeling however is extremely accurate, and used extensively in manufacturing, and it is quite rare that someone is using a CAD system for 3D graphics. This is why we are really excited to see that despite Shapr is a CAD system, it has many non-typical (3D graphics and illustrations) use-cases.


Thanks for the facts, it’s good to know that. I heard Fusion360 can handle vertex like meshes. Is that true? Could there be a middle ground between that engineering precision and faster freedom 3D modeling? I would love to use Sharpr3D to add small tweeks to existing 3D meshes without getting to obsessed with solid precision. You think that may be possible? I’m sure if your App eventually supports that, it will add doble/triple customers to your user base.

Yes, Fusion can do that and you can use together mesh models and boundary representation models. But that definitely doesn’t make it a mesh modeler. I did mention in other topics that we are working on a huge project - one of the side effects of that project will be that you will be able to work with mesh data as well, somewhat similarly to fusion. But it won’t be as convenient as it is in Maya or 3DSMax for example, but you will be able to use boolean operations and some other solid modeling tools with meshes.

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That sounds awesome, I can’t wait for that update or project.

Thank you

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Any update on Vertex selection/editing or mesh-like modeling?

Hi @Marco, now you can import mesh files to Shapr3D. We don’t plan implement to vertex level editing.

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