How would I create this shape?

Hello! I’m making the transition to direct modeling and I’m having a tough time figuring out what the best workflow would be for creating the cutout in this shape. Any ideas? Thanks!


Try creating the opposite form, like a “Punch”, in two pieces in the same plane. Bring them together and “Pivot” them at the required angle. Merge the form into a blank object and “Subtract”. The remaining shape being the form you want.

You might start with a basic block shape in two planes and push down the depressed part and chamfer for the sides. And go from there…



Thanks for the tips! I’ll give both a shot.

Have you figured out how to create that shape? If yes, great.
If not, I have good news. I’ve got a working version similar to ricko3k’s suggestion.
Let me know if you’d like a short video.

I feel like I hacked something together but I would love a video! Thank you @TigerMike!


Here is a Q&D video where I just stepped thru a bunch of “redo’s”. Essentially I made 2 bodies. Recessed the centers. Made the bevels. Angled the bodies by 1/2 the total angle for each. Translated them together. Angled one body. Did a Union. Done.
Let me know if you need further clarification.


Thank you so much, @TigerMike! That was very helpful. Videos like that always unlock a big chunk of new skills for me and it all just clicks. Thanks again!