Subtracting shapes

Hi, newcomer here trying to learn some features.I would like to subtract the smaller shape from the disc surface to create a pattern of 3D triangular grooves in the surface. I tried subtract but that didn’t seem to work. I don’t believe I can extrude a 3D shape from another either. Is this possible? Can someone provide some direction?


Either you already subtracted the triangle body in which case you can no longer do a Subtract. Or, you need to have the triangle body embedded in the larger body beforehand.

If you plan to do multiple subtracts of the same shape, here’s a tip, you can do one Subtract and then Copy-Move the triangular recesses to desired positions.

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Thanks TigerMike, this is super helpful! The copy paste of the subtracted area will help greatly. Thank you again for the help.

Ok I was able to get that to work and I see how you copy the cutout section. I wanted to see what you thing may be the best way to go about replicating that cutout in a pattern radiating out from the first cut, and rotating around the the center hole, maybe every 2 degrees. So, a line of the cutouts would extend out from the center to the edge, then I would want to rotate that line around the disc so that I would end up with hundreds of the cutouts across the disc. I tried to highlight all the cutouts and rotate them around a point then extend that circle outward, but there seems to be a limit to how how much I can copy/move the original cutout. It may be just user error, but wanted to see if you had done anything like this? I see that you are copying the cutouts in two directions, but when I tried to rotate, then go back and copy the rotated cutouts, it didn’t seem to let me re-select them to copy again. Thanks again!!

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