I can’t level these! Offset / Rotate / Grid/Plane Level

Offset: I can’t offset the height of an object to level out with the height of the object it’s adjacent to. Think of a circle within a circle… I’ll offset surface of large circle but then I cannot offset surface of smaller circle to be even/level with the larger circles surface. It’s like it refuses to do it.

Rotate: if lets say I draw a hexagon shape and offset top surface to create a 3D object, I can’t rotate it to get it lined up with the X or Y axis. I’ve tried everything :frowning:

Grid/Plane Level: when resizing (or moving) around an object, I cannot get it level back on the grid/plane (the Gray grid mesh- whatever it’s called). I’ll move it up and down and pray that it’s level on there. This is very annoying. Although I’m very new so maybe it doesn’t need to be flat on the grid? Can it be floating? Does it matter? If it does please help.

As a new user I cannot upload video of my issue sorry. I hope I explained it thoroughly…

Thank you!

Buenas, has probado a crear un rectángulo, extruirlo, (dejando una cara paralela al eje que deseas) y selecionas una cara del cuerpo que deseas mover y luego la cara de ese rectángulo que hemos creado anteriormente y seleccionas la opción de alinear.
y entonces tu cuerpo se alineara a esa cara seleccionada (luego puedes moverlo a tu gusto)

I don’t speak Spanish sorry…

One of my favorite tools is Replace Face. This works for your first item of offsetting the height of one object to an adjacent one.

Sorry, I don’t follow your circle within a circle. Same for offsetting a circular surface (or spherical surface?). Do you want to make a circular surface tangent at a point on another surface?.

If I understand what you mean by rotating a hex body, does the Align tool work for you like on the other thread?

sorry i didn’t think about the language issue, you can still use google translator to make rough translations