I have a suggestion

hey there, new member here :wave:
really love the app (using on win 11, Samsung galaxy book pro 360 with S pen and no lag or bugs what so ever, even though it’s on Beta) and love that it’s primarily touch imput, not like Fusion 360 that it work with touch but not that good as with mouse and keyboard.
But have to say was really disappointed when I saw that drawing or project plan is on Business plan only. A lot of your users (including me) are diy typ of guys/girls and to pay like 50+ € pro Month just to have a plan or drawing of my model its too much. somebody who has a "Business " are all really using fusion 360 or sketchUp or something like that and all really paying there. even on fusion 360 free version (which Im using) you can print your plan with measurements. and I already pay Standard version of your app and really disappointed that can’t do basic or "standard " things. I have to export it and load into fusion 360 to make plans :person_facepalming:
Little suggestion to develop Team or who ever is responsible for stuff like this…
in STANDARD version should be “drawing” included and the “export” featur leave it to BUSINESS option becouse business that would use your app on the go are gonna be exporting it and finish project anyway in those "professional " programs.
thank you for your time