I have a trouble with share to save, please help1

as the picture, please help me fix it. I cannot export any sketch to dropbox or icloud. Thanks!

Your ScreenShot is quite different, when carrying out a similar action, to that appearing on my iPad.

Are you running the latest version of S3D?

It would help, willing helpers, If you could list your actions taken to create the situation shown.

Hi, It’s an iOS related issue.
Please update your iPad OS version to the latest version and let me know if the issue persists after the update.

Thank for your response! My current is is iPados 13.4.1, and Shapr3d’s verson is 3.40.0 (20796). Currently, the problem is’nt solved. I need help!

Hi, I apologize for this experience!

Please follow the steps here to resolve the issue and let me know if you are not still able to export the file.

I have the same problem here Share problems (blank field no option)