I thought it was me

This is not a major issue for me but I thought I should say something so it can get some visibility and possibly fixed. Or tell me what I am doing wrong here.

When I start a drawing and the first shape is not a line I’ve noticed somehow Shapr3D sometimes switches back to the line.

I just tried the same steps and it did not happen but here is a video of it.

Steps Taken

  1. Create a new drawing
  2. Tap Top view and scale so a 100mm circle will fit
  3. Select Sketch
  4. Select Circle
  5. Draw a circle

Note sometimes a line gets drawn instead of a circle. I’ve also seen this when I select Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polygon.

I’ve generally thought I just forgot to select the other shape but when I edited this video and one other I see the Circle button was clearly selected.


I have encountered the same situation. And, it occasionally happens in the middle of a project and not necessarily at the start. Thanks for bringing this up.

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