I was confused,Someone help?

I have used it for 2 days,and I think there are some issues should be solved,or maybe I did not figure out how to deal with.I wanna share them with the developers,They are the follows,

1)This opinion is based on I am a mechanic engineer and I expect that I can precise mold with SPAPR3D.
I am now using the layer to manage different parts,but I don’t not think it’s the best way.The problem is you should design all the parts in one workplace,sometimes the user interface turn to be very complicated,and miss operation always happen.I think parts&assembly(or top-down) is the typical way and it’s efficient.
I have several years experience to design with siemens NX, it has two modes ,one is parametric,other is free design without historic records,it also bases on parasolid(multi-solids),I design all the parts in a same workplace,as a mechanic engineer I also wit the others,I never seen someone molding without parametric or historic records, unless you are in a very hurry status.

2)The sketch function confuse me ,I think we need a alone rectangle button,it is necessary ,and also a central line(aid line) button too.

3)The note function should be improved, the workplace should allow user to hand write freely on it,sometimes we all draft and calculate with pencil, as we have our Ipad yet ,we need not an another paper or sth.
That is it ,thanks.

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