Where are files stored in iOS?

Some context: I back up everything, especially work files. When I use iOS to create files, normally they are connected to iCloud. So the files get backed up to the iCloud, and in turn are backed up to my iMac, where previous versions are stored in TimeMachine. Then it’s all backed up offsite with BackBlaze.
It might sound like a lot but that’s pretty much par for the course when other people are paying for my work, I make sure a single failure on my end won’t wipe everything out.
I understand that iCloud is not yet supported, and I get that you have to prioritize features. But it seems like the files on my local device are not even available to the rest of iOS. The files are not visible under On My iPad in the Files app. Have I missed something? I’m a bit baffled here, besides file management it’s a really well thought out app.

Stored locally and then exportable with PRO. If you could drag files off without pro, you’d think that would undermine a key benefit to having, well…PRO

Apple automatically backs up my iPad all the time. There’s more redundancy today than a pop-rock radio station

An import folder for objects & files specific to a project(s) would be awesome, however. But I’m sure that can be implemented on my own time…

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Do you mean that saved data is backed up to iCloud somehow? Otherwise how is it being backed up? My impression is that if my iPad is lost or stolen, all that data is lost, which seems absurd in a mobile ecosystem entirely built around cloud storage.

I do have the pro subscription - and I understand curtailing certain features for the free tier, but wouldn’t it make more sense to simply lock up the export functionality? It seems short sighted to hide the .shapr files that can only be opened in the app, especially extending this limitation to paying customers.

You can export your files to the cloud. That’s what I do periodically. Somewhat of a hassle but it works.

If your iPad is stolen, hopefully the thief will not get past the home screen…



it’s [Shapr3D & corresponding data] backed up depending on how you back up your iPad. Either on one of your many backup redundancies in your original post or in iCloud (if you use iCloud for backups on your apple devices).

That’s pretty much par for the course when other people are paying for your work. You export that bad boy, because… time is money and it sounds like you’re doing just fine sketching as a professional. The file doesn’t live a long fleshed-out life on the iPad anyway IMO; I’d want that work rendered and tweaked on my other MacBook apps…

If you sketch for free, are learning the app, doodling, exploring ideas… chances are no harm/no foul if something corrupts, because hey, it’s all on someone else’s dime, and your just auditing the app anyway. Meh.

When’s the last time an Apple product totally went belly up on me? …IDK, maybe an old iPod in '02. Maybe an an old Apple II…There’s never been a better time to work, sketch and have total confidence that the data is well & good.

I just now changed my Ipad to new one, and all workspace come back from the icloud, with setting below:
Top on your name on general sttings/ icloud
On this page set on the iCloud backup and slide on the Shapr3D.
After on this page tap the “storage settings”(maybe wrong translate)image
Then tap backups/choose your device/ and slide on again the Shapr3D (here you can see the volume of the .shapr file )
You are ready now.


I can’t seem to get this to work. Suggestions?

I recently upgraded my iPad, but didn’t even this to back up Shapr3D when I set up from scratch. As far as I can tell, this is the only piece of software that isn’t automatically recoverable.

My vote for a backup system in Shapr3D.

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