ICloud Backup

New to Shapr3D and loving the app.

Quick question - I see that the app is mentioned in my iCloud backup but is this actually backing up all my files/designs and is this assigned against my account? Any way of accessing them if I don’t have my iPad to hand?


Hi Daniel-

no, it is not automatically backed up. At this point, if you want to have a safety backup, you have to do it manually.

Otherwise, all your workspaces are saved locally, on your iPad.

Ok good to know.

Any plans to introduce backup to iCloud? Seems like a good fit given the iOS only nature of the app?

P.S. please take note of how NOT to introduce online back from the mobile AutoCAD app - what a pain that is to manage!


This is a terrible response. I think shapr3d needs to come with a warning at the bottom of every design *** never backed up ***

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