Unable to import

2 questions/problems

1: So, I have a 5mb fairly simple DWG / SVG / DXF (all formats) it’s an art piece, and I can’t seem to import it, I exported it to my editor (as I can’t copy/paste in shapr3d yet) and when I went to reload it, it fails. And I’m just stuck here, in an infinite loading screen. I can open it in any other program that uses them, like affinity, on-shape (as an import) or f360 if I need to, but obviously I don’t want to do this.

  1. if I want to extrude 2 solids right next to each other, let’s say I have 2 squares sharing a line, I extrude one, and then the other, the other does not extrude when I go one way, I need to go the other, because it’s like in “remove” mode and I don’t want carve mode, I want add mode, can I not force it / override the mode of its extrusions?
    ultimately I’d rather not share the file as it contained things I don’t have the OK to share, but I can confirm it loads in other programs and just not this one. but i have also been able to cause it with this simple card tracing:
    (direct download link for the file)

Thanks you guys!