Import drawing

Is there a way to import a 2d drawing to base your project on?

Do you want to import an image, or another kind of drawing?

Image or Illustrator/Photoshop file would work

No, currently you can’t do that, but we are working on it.

Any progress on Illustrator imports?
I’ve been using Illustrator since the '80s and mainly use the creative suite and Lightwave 3D. I recently purchased a CNC machine to make guitars. I purchased Rhino 5 but it has a steep learning curve! I tried Shapr3D and it’s just what I need!!!

I was hoping to just import my illustrator (or pdf) files and manipulate it in Shapr3D or at the very least, trace over it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Right now we’re working on a huge huge release including constraints and dimensioning (see Sneak peek: constraints and dimensioning for a sneak peek!)

Importing drawing is right after this in the pipeline. ETA is around late October / early November. Stay tuned! :wink:

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I also would really love Illustrator vector image import. Much faster to draw profiles and outlines there when they go beyond basic primary shapes.

Although with the upcoming 2.0 making 2d sketches and modifying them will be much easier, we also plan to improve compatibility with other tools.

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One advantage of Illustrator is being able to use fonts and convert them to outlines. Useful for both text and general shapes in certain font families.

That’s on the roadmap in Shapr :slight_smile:

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Adding to thread, any plans to include Import of *.DWG and/or *.DXF 2d file formats into Shapr3D??

Yes these are planned improvements. Although we don’t have an ETA for that.

any news when we will be able to load images ? jpeg at the least

We are working on it, couple of weeks. I hope that it will be released before the middle of March.

Hi Istvan! Would it be possible to send me a 3d file of the Apple Pencil holder, the one from the tutorial? It is so useful! Thank you :smile:


I am sure @CEKuhnen will help you.

Here it is

Pencil Holder.shapr (440 KB)


Thank you so much Claas!

Thanks a lot.

Have you heard of the Carbon M1 3d printer? In the time lapse, it looks
like. the object is appearing out of the water!

Hey by the way on the shape3D siteit doesn’t go all the way up, it blocks right before the top part where I can select Features, Pricing, etc. I’m using a MacBook Pro 2015.

Help would be greatly appreciated.