Import and export selected bodies only


I’m trying to export/import a few select bodies from a design, and so far all of the bodies are being saved when importing/exporting. Is it possible to import/export only the highlighted bodies and drawings? (I’ve been using STEP file extension.)


  1. Exported items are based on visibility - all visible items in your design are exported, while all hidden are excluded by default
  2. Our STEP export output contains bodies only (no sketches)

A “hide all” button would be handy for this.

A Hide function with maybe also with the option:

Hide > Active
Hide > Inactive

This would make it super fast to chose what to export.

The facility to Hide and Unhide is already present, took for the ‘Eye’ Icon, clicking on it will change it’s state:-

Now you see it:

Now you don’t:

Yes, but it could require hundreds of touches to accomplish hiding all but the one body one may desire to export. Some smarts in the selection process would be useful.

Shapr3D [S3D] requires organised use.
The MO at present is to use Items Untitled%204 to place appropriate Groups of Bodies into Folders so that Hiding and Unhiding can be achieved more efficiently.
Folders can be Nested enabling Assemblies of Bodies within the Total Grouping to be Switched with a single click.
Selecting all the Bodies required and then Adding a Folder Add%20Folder > optionally Naming it > clicking Show-Expand > selecting More [bottom right] > click Move selected here…
Possibly harder to read than to do? However that is what we have to work with at present and this is unlikely to change until the move to iPadOS occurs. You may already be aware that iPadOS seems destined to improve File Handling on the iPad and the S3D Team will doubtless take advantage of all improvements.

Correction to the above:

selecting More [bottom right] >

should be:

selecting More [bottom left] >
Sorry for the confusion.

Selecting all and then selectively deselecting is part and parcel of “organized use” whether is is selectively printing or selectively including or excluding from a folder.