Import font

Can we import font?

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Fonts are taken from the OS, so as long as you can properly install them, they should show up in Shapr.

However keep in mind that not all fonts are guaranteed to generate valid sketches.

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Hello, this might be a good place to seek help with a problem I’m having. I’ve started using an app called Vectornator to generate text for my Shapr models. It’s a fantastic program, solves all the problems you might have had to struggle with illustrator to solve. It exports a good .svg file, which is then easily converted to an .stl using any number of converters on the site. That file then easily imports into Shapr3D and becomes just group of objects. So far so good, and likewise when I take it into Visualization it creates a great looking model. It will show you any problems in a scaled up font design, irregular facets etc., which to me speaks highly of how well Shapr3D uses the files you feed it.

The problem starts when I try to export my complete model to Cadmio for some alternative renders. My Shapr builds have worked perfectly every time, but the text built from imports isn’t visible. So when I tried to export only those imported components, Shapr tells me there are no bodies selected (unless of course I specify including hidden bodies). This means I can’t export the finished product as an .stl, which I wanted to convert to gcode. So while I can create great looking models for approval, I can’t actually export them to build in the real world. Seems odd that they work great inside the program but aren’t transferable. Any suggestions?