Import problems


I’ve been working on two job in two different files. Then I wanted to import one of the files into the other file. I use the import option (that I used in the past) and when it was finishing the import process the app closes. Then every time I try to open any of the two files it dose not finish the process and close the app. Any idea on how can I recover this files? Other files open normally.


If restarting your iPad does not help, please send the file to and we will fix it ASAP.

I already restart the iPad and did not change. I’ll send the file.

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I can’t upload because the forum says “new users can’t upload files” Can I send it by wetrasnsfer?

Please send it by email to

Sent by wetransfer to your mail. Thanks. I’ll try to send the other file affected by this one.

The file where I imported, I did not export it anywhere, so I can’t export it without open it first. Any idea how I can get this file to send it to you?

You can access the file system over iTunes if you connect the iPad to a computer.

Sent the second file.