Looking for a good 2d - Shapr3D workflow

I’m having a very hard time trying to get consistent results with my workflow. Inkscape seems to be buggy on my Mac(10.15) and Vectonator doesn’t export to DXF.

I basically want to just be able to design anything, transfer it to Shapr3D and extrude. I’ve been partially successful on some things but when I get to something ridiculously simple, it simply will not work.

I mean, I created this:

But I can NOT get the logo(an SVG file itself) to export with the text. I only get text.

Infinitely frustrating when a more simpler design is harder than a more complex one.

So, I need suggestions on a good workflow. Something that works, ideally doesn’t cost an arm and a leg(open source is fine by me).

Or, can someone tell me why an SVG will not export as a DXF file, only the text.

I can’t explain the issue you’re having, but it seems like more work, than importing the image, and recreating it in Shapr3D, then extruding.

trying that now. Need to figure out what is causing the non manifold body.